No. 499 The Plywood 5 Stringed Violin (SOLD)

Here is my next ‘plywood’ offering: a 5 stringer. Well, it take all sorts!
If you took this one apart you would end up with way over a hundred individual pieces of wood; Maple, Spruce, Cherry, Mahogany, Rosewood, Ebony and even some Ovangkol are all used in its construction. All-sorts indeed!
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Despite its distinct and radical appearance, if you heard it without seeing it you would just think “fabulous 5 stringer”, suggesting once again that violins don’t have to look traditional to sound great.
This one is a beautiful player and performs seamlessly. It really is satisfying in every layer from top to bottom – not only is it sweet, bitter, salty and sour, it’s umami too! It has it all, a real pick ‘n’ mix of sound.  You can play it at a lic or ‘ice and slow… (sorry… moving swiftly on…).
It has Knilling Perfection pegs, Pirastro Helicore strings, an individually made tailpiece, 5 Abalone dots on the back to indicate my 500 violins, and can be fitted with a Skyinbow Pure Acoustic pickup if required. It’ll come in a great case with one of my special ‘Tim Phillips 500’ bows.
Don’t forget, there’s only one of these in the whole wide world, I am certain of that!
I really enjoyed making it and playing it too, and the pleasure of owning this unique offering forever is all yours for


Deposit paid. Thank you Rob.

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