No. 498 The Asymmetric 5 String Violin (SOLD)

I think my two cornered asymmetric shape is one of the most pleasing. On this occasion I have coupled it with what I call ‘fishy’ ‘f’ holes and an open scroll to give an undeniably unique look.

More details below the pictures

For the first time I have used gently quilted Maple for the neck, sides and one- piece back. The back is also unusually made from ‘slab sawn’ timber, so you can see the grain running like contour lines in addition to the quilts. It looks very pleasing. 
The front is Alpine Spruce that has been seasoned for years and is beautifully close grained. The block purfling is slightly chunkier than normal violin and there are 5 Abalone dots on the front and also on the back symbolising my 500 violins.
The Ebony fingerboard is lined with Maple and the tailpiece combines quilted Maple and Ebony. The violin is fitted with Precision geared pegs. All in all it looks unmistakable !
As with all 5 stringers the E and A strings are not as strident as on 4 string violins, and the D  G and C strings play with consummate ease and are as lush and woody as they come. It’s a beauty.
I can fit a pick up if required and it comes in a great case complete with one of my special ‘Tim Phillips 500’ bows.

£7500  will make it yours for ever.

This instrument is no longer available.  Thank you Sophie!

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