Comments from Tim Phillips customers


“Got the fiddle safe and sound, and it’s absolutely fantastic. I love the colour and the sound, thanks so much.” Eliza Carthy 

“Lots of character… beautifully made…lovely instrument..”

“I am really pleased with this fiddle, I love playing it.” Kirsten Hammond

Today I showed my teacher your amazing violin for the first time. She was totally gobsmacked, I played it to her without her being able to see it to start with and her reaction was brilliant. She loved it and kept wanting to play it during my lesson! She asked lots of questions and also noticed all the details like the coloured bridge, flashy tail piece and shaped finger board. At first she could not make out why it looked different (apart from the colour of course) and then she realised that there were no bottom corners…

She thinks it sounds beautiful and so do I, so Thank you once again, she asked for your details too as she is intrigued. My teacher is very conventional and quite conservative in her ideas regarding violins but I think you are a hit with her. Nov 2011

I am loving having your wonderful creation to play, it continues to get startled looks when anyone sees it. Not everyone is sure about the colour though but I am…
Thank you once again for producing such a beauty.
I continue to make progress and I cannot blame the instrument anymore!!

“Hi Tim, remember when I first saw you and your violins in Samois, at the Django Reinhardt festival in paris with my son.
I saw a violin from a distance and it looked so beautiful I knew I had to try it.  I did. And I had to buy it.
Since then, with my new “classic” violin, I have, at last, found the sound I was searching for. This violin is sweet, very sweet, but very,  very powerful also. I can’t wait to hear how she sounds in 5,10, 20 years time…loving every minute..and every note. A big thank you!”
Billfiddle 2011

Hi Tim,

A quick message to say how pleased I am with my new asymmetric
It’s now had several public appearances and has been much admired
for both its looks and its sound.  It’s capable of such a huge range of
expression, and I particularly love the big, glorious sound this fiddle can make.  I must admit I am having a lot of trouble putting it down at the moment this instrument and I are going to be friends for a very long time!
Many thanks for the opportunity to spend a morning trying all those
fiddles of yours – every one was different and I am so pleased that I was able to make what I know was the perfect choice for me.
(The Codabow is very nice too.)

Aloha Tim,
I received my violin this afternoon.  It sounds great and is beautiful.  Tell Bonnie I am very pleased with her art work too.  I could go on and on but I need to go play it some-more, it was hard to stop long enough to e-mail you.  Thanks for a great fiddle!!!

Mahalo, (thank-you in Hawaiian)

Thanks for all, it was a real pleasure for me to visite you and buy an authentic Tim Phillips’ Violine.
I’ve called some friends to come and see one of the nicest violine of the world. Christophe, France

Tim’s instruments and bows are just the finest ,this accompanied by a great personal and friendly service, what more could you ask for…Tom Leary [Feast of Fiddles,Tanna, Kevin Dempsey etc],

“Tim.. it’s lovely. Arrived safe and sound. Beautiful arching on the front. OK….. what can I say…. Maybe I am naive but this thing sings 🙂 Unbelievable volume and air to it. My playing just evolved an eon. Gobsmacked… That my tutor is going to be speechless is unquestionable.. I just played the same piece on my old Hungarian fiddle and the Messiah (My own personal Jesus) …. errr…. I was afraid for the neighbours… Tim…. your modesty is astonishing…. ”

“My violin has a lovely tone, and has been much admired by other players, I really enjoy playing it”
“I am suddenly playing a lot more, a new instrument is a siren, it calls you to get it out of it’s case. What pleasure ! “

“Fiddle sounds great, it’s really got such a huge sound I can compete with boxes in sessions ! It’s a very special instrument… I find myself playing for hours on end, it’s just superb.”

“I’ve been meaning to email you to tell you how I’m enjoying the Infidel. It is a real pleasure to play as you said, nice and mellow and even…and I like how you can play hard on the A and E without piercing or screeching out. “

Fiddle players:
I’ve been looking at getting a new bow, I’ve been using a carbon fibre bow I got for about £110 from the Bow Shop a couple of years ago and felt like I needed to move on. After much reading I decided on a Codabow or an Arcus. There’re no suppliers hereabouts where I could try some and the reviews on the web are well meant, but often contradictory and not that helpful, so, on a whim, I rang the Bow Shop and talked to Tim (https://www.facebook.com/Timsviolins) at the Bow Shop (http://www.bowshop.co.uk/). What amazing service: Tim steered me in the right direction: Arcus bows are very light and wouldn’t serve a galoot like me well, etc., etc. We decided on 2 bows. He sent me me a Diamond SX and a Luma by post so I can try them out. All I do is return them both and pay the postage or return the one I don’t want and Tim sorts outs the postage and bills for the chosen one. I think I’ve decided which one that is.
I’m amazed and delighted at the service and friendliness Tim demonstrated. If you’re looking for bows or, indeed, a violin I think you can expect the best help possible from himPhil Snell 2014

Just thought I’d drop you a line to tell you how Pippa is getting on!
Absolutely brilliant! She’s just great in the folk sessions and she invites a lot of positive comments.
Interestingly, I took her to orchestra one evening and I didn’t feel she was suited to Schumann and Beethoven etc.
Mary and I have great time with our ‘Tim’s’ fiddles. We do loads of folk sessions .
Only last week, a guy called Tom Gold said he just had to get a Tim Phillips violin.
So there you are .All good stuff.
Best wishes Jenny Lucas 2014

 5 Stringed Instruments

The fiddle arrived today!
Whoah! What can I say? First impression is that It is a lovely sounding violin! As well as having a lovely finish on it! The fiddle has a really mellow low end with a beautiful ring in the upper end
Thanks very much for your fantastic fiddle!
Hello Tim
Really long overdue email I’m afraid.
I just wanted to write and tell you about the 5 string fiddle I bought from you at Sidmouth last year.
Basically, its absolutely beautiful.  Sonorous on the lower end, bell-like clarity on the upper.  It copes with all I throw at it, from hard ‘n’ fast stuff to elegant Playford.  Fabulous response, and even-toned right through.  Its a real pleasure to play.
Not only that, but it looks a bit different, and most people don’t know why…..!

“It’s sounding great and attracting attention wherever I take it. “ Jonathon Bews. Malinky.

“It’s a beauty” Kate Bramley. Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies.

“The 5 string sounds better and better the more it is played”

“My violin/viola teacher was so impressed she wanted to borrow it for a concert in LA.” 

“I love the darker sound for fiddling. I love the look of it. I love the feel of it under my chin. Feels like I have been playing it for years. I am very happy with the ease withi while I will be able to plug in! I am very little trouble playing on just one string (one of the concerns of violinists moving to a five string). I am already finding all kinds of new harmonies to add to my fiddling, etc. I like the case. I even love the color! THANK YOU FOR THIS! Ohhhhhhhh! I am SOOOOO glad that I met you. I LOVE this instrument and I will be PROUD to be playing it! ”

“I’ve had hours of playing time and can say that buying this was the best decision I’ve made for a long time. I couldn’t be happier.”

Calum has had a great time playing it this week. He has adapted to playing with five strings very quickly, and, so that he is sure about its suitability has taken it to play at the area symphony orchestra practices both last week and this. Apart from the stir it caused, and conversations engendered because of its stunning looks, he has been really satisfied with the tone and resonance, and his co-players and his viola teacher were equally impressed. He has taken it again this morning, “just to make sure”! It matches up really well with his classical viola, which is also a super instrument, and both he, his teacher (and I) have been particularly impressed with the ease with which it produces depth of sound, especially at the bottom end, despite your protestations about making violas based towards the fiddle! If it continues to develop with age and playing it will be an instrument I am sure he will always cherish and enjoy playing. Dec 2011

Octave Violins

“Thankyou so much for making me this wonderful instrument, I totally love it and intend to play it forever as often as possible.They’re going to catch on in a big way” Eliza Carthy

“Thanks for the octave, I think it’s great.”
Kathryn Tickell

“Received fine and it’s great! Many Thanks for all your hard work and excellent selection of woods. “

“The octave violin is always such a surprising treat. Always so much fun to have that deep rich tone under my chin. “

“It’s the best sounding Octave ever !, everyone who tried it loved it. I’ve been having such a wonderful time playing it,I just can’t put it down. Thanks again for such wonderful work.”




“Lovely varnish….beautiful scroll”“All is well with the viola, I love it !” Nancy Kerr