Violins that Speak for Themselves

Here you will find information about the instruments I make; what I currently have for sale; what they cost; who plays them and how to contact me.

Update June 2022

This summer I will be returning to Sidmouth Folk Festival for one last time. I will have a small stall with my last remaining instruments from my final ten, and some acoustic Bass guitars that I’ve been making. Plus a small selection of accessories, bows etc. I will be sharing my stall space with Wesson accordions, so come along and see us both, it may be the last show for both of us! Details of my remaining instruments in stock can be found on my final ten page.


Update May 2021

Hopefully the world of ‘live music’ will be opening up again this year. A return to normal playing and enjoying music may well be on the horizon. Some festivals will be on and sessions may return soon! 
What better time to re-invigorate your playing. And you could  do so with one of my final ten violins. Some are already gone, while others have been in lockdown to keep them safe. 
You are again welcome to come to my showroom to try them out, and what beauties they are ! 
Check out the Final Ten page to see what’s available.
Please call me on 01686 624536 or email me to arrange a visit.

Update, June 2020,

So now I have made them. The last ten [well, eleven] are all done and dusted, and I already have homes for four of them. 

I was planning on attending a few festivals this year and making other opportunities for you to come and see, and perhaps try them out. Obviously this is not happening due to Mr Corona, so I have no reason to keep them all together as a group. This means they are available for anyone to have from now on. 
My showroom is private and in a very safe rural location. I am very happy for anyone to come and try them here by appointment. We will do our very best to keep you safe. It’s up to you.

 The Final Ten

As I’ve been approaching violin number 500, I’ve been telling you all that I am retiring when I have completed number 500. And so I am. What this will mean is that, although I cannot promise never to make another violin, I shall not be making violins for a living. Apart, possibly,  for the last ten, I shall not be taking ‘Timsviolins’ to festivals. I shall not be producing violins and having them readily available at my very favourable prices. I have already cancelled my regular advertising. 

I have now started making the last ten, which will take  me up to number 500. These are not ‘order-able’ and will be entirely of my own choosing.
They are all going to be a bit special in one or more ways and  will be presented in a really good case with a commemorative bow.                        
For a start, until now, I have made violins in pairs for the sake of economy and customer choice, but my final ten will all be individually made. This will allow me to focus singly on the instrument in hand, and encourages a more tempered approach leading to a truly unique instrument.
I will be using the very best tonewoods which I have been saving over the years from my stock, thus optimising both sound, appearance, and potential.
All the violins will be expressive in one way or another of what is characteristic, different, and interesting, about my approach to violin making. 
The first, is a classic Tim Phillips Infidel. My very first violin was an Infidel, so I’m starting the final ten where I started my making; smooth, simple, and beautiful. [ A lot more beautiful than my first !]
Following on there will be an unfussy asymmetric;  a classy Strad style violin with some ‘interesting elements’. There will be an Octave, a 5 stringer, a Revolin, a Salvador, some others???, and an Octave Viola just for good measure, as I have never made one before !!  [Yes, as low as a cello]
A bit of ‘bling’ might just creep in here or there and who knows what else ! 
Whatever happens, I shall enjoy making them.
 They will be put on my website as I complete them with individual prices. You may reserve one with a 10% deposit. The prices are higher than my previous prices but still lower than most makers charge for their violins. Any unsold will remain on my website at a price I choose.
They will be available for collection/delivery from late May/June this year.
Please email me to express your interest or to place a deposit.
As a foot note, in the current September issue of The Strad magazine, there is an article about asymmetric violins. Alongside some very big hitters from the violin making world, I have been included in the article, and there are photographs of several of my instruments. The magazine is THE Global mag. for most things ‘violin’ and I feel honoured to have been part of it, [at last !].