At last I’ve found a really good ‘reto fit’ pick-up to amplify any acoustic violin.

Made by Skyinbow, it is the answer to your pick-up dreams. It does not affect the acoustics of the violin; is easily and quickly fitted with minimal interference to the violin; is transferable should you decide to change your instrument; does not feed back; is neat and tidy and makes a very good sound to boot ! Too good to be true ?? No, for once it’s a reality.

Buy one today for £255 and I’ll fit it for free.


 What you get is an ebony chinrest with sensor, built in pre-amp, capacitor, jack-socket and charging jack plug.

When it is fitted to your fiddle the sensor tucks neatly into a small, flat ended hole drilled in [but not through] the foot of the bridge. The special chinrest with built in pre-amp , capacitor and jack socket replaces your old chinrest. To use it, you simply plug a lead into the chinrest, then plug the other end of the lead into your amp/mixer, turn the volume up and away you go….yo ! Mmmmm, nice and loud.

Pop a 9 volt battery onto the little jack lead supplied. Plug it into the chinrest for one minute and remove. This will give you at least 16 hours playing time. You can recharge it any time you wish….you can’t overcharge it and it’s OK to top it up whenever you remember to.

Great !

Here’s a link to more details.www.skyinbow.com