No. 497 The Plywood Violin (SOLD)

And now for something completely different !! 

A ‘PLYWOOD’ violin !!!! 
 OK, OK, before you throw your hands in the air, glance towards the heavens and tut tut tut very loudly, rest assured, I didn’t buy the plywood from my local builders merchant. [Shame]. It is made up by me from a whole range of selected tonewoods; Maple, Quilted Maple, Ebony, Mahogany, some dark looking Zebrano that could be something else, and mainly Spruce on the front. 
 Now you can breathe a collective sigh of relief…I haven’t totally lost my marbles yet. [Although I believe it may be coming soon].
More details below the pictures

So, back to reality. It’s an idea I had while working on one of my other final ten violins.
This one is based on my Jazz model that I made some years ago when I used to go to the Django Reinhardt gypsy jazz festival in France, and I think it looks stunning in plywood. What’s more, it sounds great too. It’s very clear and direct, and easy to play fast, yet makes a lovely sound. 
Some say, this violin is more Tim Phillips than Tim Phillips himself ! Of course, for security reasons, I couldn’t possibly comment.
Anyhow, it is fitted with geared pegs, fabulous Timbre Warchal strings, and comes in a fab case with one of my special edition Tim Phillips 500 commemorative bows and can have a pick fitted up if required.
I’m only sorry I didn’t have the idea earlier in my fiddle making career as, I think the results are surprising [in a good way], and the idea definitely has legs.
If you are after something a big bit special, then this could be it !!



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