No 500. The Classics (SOLD)

And finally…number 500.

So, what should I make? A lot of people had been asking this very same question, and usually expecting it to be something really exotic and extravagant. As if I would!  I felt the only fiddle left to make to complete my ten would be a traditional Strad style effort. Then I had this little itch, that, to be true to form, I should make a  Strad style fiddle but in my newly applied ‘plywood’ style. Mmmmm…which to do? 
Well, as it’s me who makes [and breaks] the rules surrounding my violins, I decided I had to make them both. As a result, number 500 became two violins rolled together into one project. Fraternal twins, a totally natural phenomenon. 
They will be kept together and housed in a double violin case.
More info after the pictures.

The traditional brown one is a beautiful violin. Made from time tested Tonewoods it is true to the genre, except, perhaps, the five Abalone dots on the front signifying my 500 violins. The one piece back is heavily flamed, and there’s an unmistakable Tim Phillips purfling inlay motif on the back just below the neck button. The ribs are cut from the same piece of Maple. The front is carved from a split Spruce billet with excellent sound and grain characteristics. All in all, it’s a lovely looking and sounding violin. Just what you would expect.
The traditional plywood violin makes me smile. As with all my designs, it’s not something I ever expected to be making, but, hey ho, life has mysterious twists and turns. The front is Alpine Spruce with an Ebony, and Cherry/Mahogany stripes. The back, and ribs are made up of Maple, Mahogany, and Cherrywood. The real fun starts with the neck, again made of Maple, Cherry and Mahogany, but where the scroll is carved through the various woods you get a swirling ‘Mr Whippy’ effect. 
As different as it may look, it’s a very good sounding violin, and by sound only, you’d have no idea it has strayed so far from ‘the tradition’.
So there you have it…number 500 is two violins in a double case ! A beautiful pair of twins.
Sorry, it’s not a ‘buy one get one free’ situation, but when they are gone they are gone, and buying in bulk does help the price a bit!
They can BOTH be yours in a double case with a special Tim Phillips carbon bow


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