No 494. The 5 String Salvador Violin (SOLD)

Making the low notes sound good on a five stringer is always a challenge, and the use of my Salvador body shape is the best solution yet !
By moving more of the body of the instrument to the bass side the low notes are much enhanced, but without loss to the high notes, as they just don’t need the body space. It’s logical to me….low instruments are bigger than high pitched ones, so make the body bigger on the bass side. It certainly has an effect, as you can hear on the low register of this violin. It’s nothing short of ‘amazing’ !
More information below the pictures.

Despite the colour being unexpected, the wood for this violin is the same as any other. Close grained Alpine Spruce for the front and Maple for the rest. The back being a very strongly flamed single piece of Maple wood.
The ‘f’ holes are naturally re-worked, as normal ones just don’t fit, and I’ve incorporated some Abalone dots just to add a bit of intrigue. The colour goes from dark to light across the instrument as if it’s been compressed from right to left, and the scroll is pushed in the same direction.
It’s fitted with Knilling Fine Tune pegs and the tailpiece is custom made.
All in all an exceptional five stringer and my first in the Salvador shape.
Truly unique and original !
It comes in a dark green fibreglass case with one of my beautiful Tim Phillips 500 special carbon bows.

 Price £7750 

This instrument is no longer available. Deposit paid. Thank you Jake …….. Peralta?


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