No. 495 The Octave Violin

I first made an Octave violin way back in the Spring of 1999. It was number 103 and I made it at the request of Eliza Carthy. She wanted an Octave violin that was violin string length and size; not something I had ever thought of myself ! Having made some 5 string violins and a few violas, I applied my small amount of nous regarding low notes from small instruments to it, and , hey presto, it worked pretty well and ‘Liza still plays it.

More information below the pictures.

This one is my normal slightly wider Infidel body. The front is Alpine Spruce and the back some very pretty Maple with a thin Zebrano stripe. The neck is 5 piece with two Zebrano streaks and the ribs are mainly Zebrano too. There’s a nice brown/black/white purfling with a slightly Dandy bow tie motif on the back. What are really different on this one though are the triple sound ports on the inner ribs both sides. This makes the instrument project its sound slightly differently and may give it an almost eerie sound.
Fitted with a bespoke Ebony and Zebrano tailpiece with 5 Abalone dots, a set of Knilling Precision tuning pegs and a Skyinbow pick up, this Octave can really cut the mustard.
It comes in a hard fibreglass case with one of my ‘Tim Phillips 500’ bows.

 Price £7500.

A deposit will secure this instrument.


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