No. 493. The Classic

Ever since discovering that Baroque violins, [yes, including Strads], had an iron nail locating the neck through the top block, I’ve been more than amused at the idea of a violin being held together with nails or screws and nuts and bolts. Add that to my slightly subversive but respectful approach to violin making, and this violin is the result !

It’s a totally normal classical style violin made in the time honoured tradition apart from a few…well err…aberrations ! Surely something I might have found in my Grandfather’s attic.
More information below the pictures.
The back, sides and neck are all made from beautifully flamed Maple.  The close grained Alpine Spruce front is the very best I have saved from a bunch of fronts I bought from the fantastic luthier Kai Tonjes, assuring top quality and long seasoning. 
The result is a typically classical sounding violin. Nice and bright with good carrying power, but then it sings beautifully if you tickle it nicely. 
It is fitted with Warchal Timbre strings, the very best they have produced, and comes in a Pedi case with one of my beautiful Tim Phillips 500 special carbon bows.
A truly unique package for posterity !

 Price £7750 

A deposit will secure this instrument.


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